Monday, January 23, 2012

bye bye bloomie's

Some of you know I moved to Minneapolis last September, home of the Mall of America!  Bloomingdale's is one of Mall of America's four anchor stores, and since we don't have Bloomingdale's in Seattle, I was excited to make it a stop on my regular mall rounds.

Unfortunately, Bloomingdale's recently announced that the Mall of America location is closing. It is quite the tragedy for devoted designer-aholics and Bloomie's admirable selection will be missed. In loving memory, I've pieced together a few of my favorites from their new arrivals.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein
Juicy Couture, Vince Camuto

And okay, in the grand scheme of things, Bloomingdale's closing isn't the worst thing ever. I will still be religiously browsing their website, but I definitely did not get to shop there as much as I wanted to during my time here in the Twin Cities!

Closing clearance anyone?
Splendid ($68), Patterson J. Kincaid ($52), Rag & Bone ($50), Juicy Couture ($124)


  1. oh no! I love Bloomingdale's, probably the number one place that I shop. They have the best sales I have ever come across. I have even been lucky enough to catch some items for ONE PENNY because they were meant to have been sent back to manufacturing. Love the juicy couture purse you selected

  2. Oooooo those Calvin Klein flats are sooo delicious :D


  3. clearance is the ONLY way. love the juicy bag and vince flats! <3

  4. I'm so distressed about this, Chelsea. I can't even talk about it. Bloomie's is my FAVORITE.
    xo Josie

  5. you're right, the closing sale will be epic but what a shame it's closing! i never got to go! i love marc jacobs, though xx

  6. The first pair of flats are so cute. Sorry for you and all the people that love Bloomie's.

  7. I love these ballerinas ;)

  8. awe! sad! that's super weird that it's leaving the MoA! but - they still have a bad ass forever 21~ so i can't complain! i love the MoA!

    allister bee blog

  9. awh so sad that it's closing!! those sales are seriously amaze though.



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