Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Age of Adaline red carpet

 ONE by Heartloom romper, Sam Edelman heels, Alice and Olivia clutch (and on sale here!), SIX jewelry

I know what you're thinking: you typed in www.zippedblog.com and somehow stumbled upon a truelane in an alternate universe who wears heels and statement earrings. While that does sound like the makings of a great and cheesy tweenage sitcom, it's a little off base: this is the look I chose to attend the red carpet premiere of Blake Lively's new film The Age of Adaline.

Typing that out still feels surreal. Lions Gate Entertainment invited me out to New York as a social media influencer to take part in the event, and as soon as the plan fell into place I began brainstorming outfits. I knew I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone without straying too far from my core style. I ended up inwhat elseall neutrals, with fresh and springy lace sleeves topped off with a lazy, messy pony-tail. I must have found a magical pair of heels too, because my feet never felt sore or even uncomfortable and I managed to walk the four blocks to the theatre and back without tripping once.

My sister/photographer/travel companion/assistant/best friend Caitlin got to join me (her first time in New York!) and after a long day of exploring lower Manhattan, we started getting ready about four o'clock in the evening. We had a third-floor Empire Hotel room with a window right over Broadway—my second time staying at this hotel, but how cosmic that Chuck Bass's hotel was our home base for attending Blake Lively's movie premiere! I felt like I was living in a Gossip Girl fairy tale all weekend.

The film was captivating; a high-reaching plot with emotional accessibility, and such an understated yet powerful performance from Lively of a woman trapped in her own personal eternity with more than enough poignant drama to go around. I highly recommend. Check back later this week for more posts including details on the afterparty, meeting Blake Lively, and our adventures in the concrete jungle. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Lions Gate for this opportunity. We had an unreal time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 Aeropostale tee, J.Crew coat (sold out!), DSTLD denim, Sante shoes, Kate Spade Saturday handbag, Aritzia beanie, Ray-Ban sunglasses

I figured I should get these photos up before winter gear is completely out of the question. This week, we're enjoying longer days of sunny and seventy, and I couldn't be happier. I've been pretty adamant for some time about this being my last Minnesota winter, so the fact that it's just about over has been rather effective in putting a spring in my step. That, and my favorite new platform sneakers, which make me feel a little like this.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

label maker

 Sincerely Jules tee, Aeropostale denim, JustFab loafers, Kate Spade Saturday handbag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Let's talk labels. I've always been a little bit of a brand snob. I'll be honest: I like wearing clothes from places that I'm excited to link to and post about on Zipped. Trust me, there's no shame in clothes shopping at Wal-mart or Wet Seal (trust me, I do it) because of the ace prices and hidden treasures. But I'm twenty-three years old, and pulling denim from a tweeny-bopper's paradise like Aeropostale maybe shouldn't be something I want to flaunt. But you know what? Who cares. If I like a style of denim and it's at the right price point for my budget right now, what does it matter where I buy it from? I'm all about sharing my favorite finds with you guys, and if that means $25 jeans that you might see on a middle-schooler, I'll do it. Perfect for a casual Friday.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

faraway festival

The world in which I dress is very black and white. Once in awhile, usually around the months surrounding desert dreams of music festival street style, I take a moment to offer you an explosion of colors and prints. I feel like attending Coachella (not I, unfortunately) lets you become someone else for a weekend. A festival girl. A bindi-marked Vanessa Hudgens. A bohemian child of the desert, just for a day. 

One Teaspoon shorts, Street Level handbag, Guess ring, Converse high-tops, Bauble Bar necklace, Boohoo dress
NARS lipstick, Billabong backpack, J.Crew sunglasses, Vans sneakers

Some may question bringing a pair of $300 sunglasses on vacation, but I can say from experience wearing a pair of cheap frames all day isn't comfortable. Sunglasses have always been one of my splurge items. In fact, save/splurge items was a topic Falen and I hit on her PODCAST! the other day. I tend to spend excessive amounts of money sunglasses and ankle boots. What are your favorite items to splurge on?


Saturday, March 28, 2015

weekend indulgence

 Sincerely Jules tee, Flying Monkey denim, Converse sneakers, BB Dakota cardigan (on sale!), Madewell jacket, Kate Spade Saturday handbag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

So far, my Saturday has consisted of the following: I woke up at ten o'clock and ended up watching a zillion David Brancaccio interviews on YouTube, crawled out of bed after eleven to make my first cup of coffee, started watching too many episodes of Frasier, talked to my mother on the phone for over an hour, trekked through my neighborhood for iced coffee, read some of my old writing and listened to Rooney, practiced braiding my hair into a crown, and then decided I should probably do something productive and edited these photos to the sound of Creedence Clearwater Revival. I've had a perfectly good day doing absolutely nothing, indulging myself in my quirky and obscure interests, but I'm now trying to convince myself to clean my house. Wait, I just remembered I took out my garbage this morning! Pretty sure that counts as cleaning my house. All in a day's work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

only one color

Sanctuary Clothing sweater, Bella Luxx tank, Kate Spade Saturday handbag (everything 60% off right now!), Kut from the Kloth denim, Soludos espadrilles, Brooklyn Grace initial necklace

See? I can do color in an outfit. I can.  I can do color in an outfit, as long as it's only one color and I can wear a lot of it. Like black, for example. I can pile that on and on and on. I only make exceptions for robin's egg blue when the weather is particularly warm, as it has been here in Minnesota before the weekend's surprise snowstorm. It makes it a little hard to believe the first day of spring has already come and gone. Now accepting proof of spring in the form of green grass and pouring rain. Minnesota, take note.

Friday, March 20, 2015

pop till we drop

Every morning when my alarm goes off, I roll out of bed and hit 'play' in my streaming app for Minnesota Public Radio. I listen to Cathy Wurzer take me through the morning news while I do my hair and put on my face, and before I know it I'm sitting in my office with Kerri Miller and Tom Weber on deck for the nine and eleven o'clock hours before I meet my sister for lunch around noon. I've never gotten into a Car2Go that wasn't already stationed to The Current. My life is essentially a manifestation of everything I hear from every form of public radio in the state, so you can imagine my faint heart when a station producer emailed me an invitation to guest-host the pop culture podcast MPR News produces, Pop Till We Drop.

Madewell sweater and rings, A+C denim, Vans slipons, J.Crew tote, Ray-Ban sunglasses, SBG Designs bracelet
The hosts, 20-somethings Tess Weinberg and Alex Gaterud (aka my new best friends), are all the sass and hilarity you would expect from quick and multitalented millennials-about-town. The whole evening was charmed and effortless, and I already wish I could do the whole thing over again. We talked blog world basics, Instagram strategy, and the Minneapolis fashion scene plus this, that, and the other thing. It went live on the website this afternoon, and I couldn't help but relive the creative process behind it while I listened to the finished product. Sitting in the office swivel chair, expensive headphones crushing my hair, and speaking into a real radio microphone in front of me was the realest of tactile experiences, and a memory that won't leave me for quite some time. Thanks to Chris Roberts, Alex, and Tess for making it all happen. 

If you've ever wanted to hear my voice, now's your chance. Leave me a comment if you take a listen! Hopefully it will give you as much of a laugh as it gave me.